Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blast OFF

Recently people have been all up on my case for not being Scout spec, which is apparently the most effective Shadow Warrior spec with the most damage and most survivability and blahblahblah. Well really, the reason is quite simple: I hate the scout animations. Yes, animations.

When you shoot any Scout ability it flys up and over the moon before coming down 2 seconds later to hit the target. The scout animation looks like your shooting some guy a mile away, even if he is extremely close.

Think of it this way; suppose you are trying to throw a baseball into a basket five feet in front of you. You would think that you would, you know, just chuck it right in right? This is how the squig herder animations work. The arrows fly right from the bow to the target very quickly without gaining any height. Just a nice direct shot.

In comparison, the Shadow Warrior looks like he is shooting at something over a mountain range at all times. Even if the target is 10 feet away, the Shadow Warrior's arrows Scout abilities will be launched like rockets way up high and have a huge delay before actually hitting. Mythic's servers have a delay time already and adding in an additional delay time for animations is extremely detrimental to performance in the fast-paced combat this game offers.

The proof is in the ability animation

As you can see from this video Cirashar made whining about Shadow Warrior Auto-Attack numbers, the arrows take forever to actually hit after being successfully cast. Count the seconds between the arrow launching and the arrow hitting. Or go make a sandwich and see if the ability has hit when you get back.

I know it is far to much to expect that Mythic is going to overhaul Shadow Warrior animations but I still feel this is a significant issue with the Scout specialization tree.


  1. In fact I was crying about the damage scaling on the EE's while upping the raw DPS by almost 20 (?) I think. I gave up on the flight time issue.

    Well, that what happens if you roll a SW and have been up for 26 hours, in lonely nights anyway. No need for drugs :D

    No power to Scoutfags! They're teh ezmode kids of the SW community.

    If it had to be said in Majorin-style.

  2. I hate Scout as well. Like an alzhiemer's patient, I respec to it maybe once every 10 play sessions. After about two scenarios, my light turns back on, and I realize why I hate it so much.

    I even tried a Skirmish primary/Scout secondary spec to try and emulate what the SH can do with SwdW, but it was full of fail. Skimrish/Assault is the way for me.

  3. haha glad i have some fellow skirmishers