Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Tale of Shadowfast

For those of you who do not know, Shadowfast is a RR68 Shadow Warrior on the Gorfang server. He used to be a member of the guild Fight on the Flag, but they basically asked him to leave simply because he was a shadow warrior and "not a good fit".

Now, this really made me upset. Shadowfast was one of the few decent upcoming Shadow Warriors on the server. He does way better in scenarios then any of Fight on the Flag's dime a dozen fail Bright Wizards that no one has ever heard of or been killed by enough to care.

So basically Fight on the Flag kicked one of their few players with actual skill and signs of growing into a great player just because of his class. Now they can get more of their poorly performing warrior priests and bright wizards into groups.

I am sure Fight on the Flag has some weaksauce excuse, but really it all comes down to this: Fight on the Flag kicked a good player on an underpowered class to give preference to horrible players on overpowered classes.

So Fight on the Flag, here is why you are wrong in 5 easy steps:

1) Shadow Warriors have the best group tactic in the game (leading shots gives +15% crit to the Shadow Warrior's whole group).

2) Shadow Warriors have a spammable ranged heal debuff that reduces healing on a target by 50% for 9 seconds. This basically means that DPS is almost guaranteed to overwhelm healing with focus fire and that target WILL die unless the debuff is cleansed.

Did I mention is can be fired on the move from 72 feet away and stacks with other healing debuffs? Speaking of other healing debuffs, Shadow Warriors can spec into a second ranged 50% healing debuff in the scout tree which stacks with the fist. 100% heal debuff = target will DIEEEE.

3) Shadow Warriors require less healing and upkeep overall then a Bright Wizard and put out much more useful damage when played correctly.

4) Shadow Warriors can hit for 5,400 damage with one attack. Can your fail Bright Wizards do that kind of burst? Shadow Warriors also have the only remaining five second knockdown in the game.

5) Shadow Warriors can debuff a target's armor by over 1900 pretty regularly with acid arrow and the proc attack on the Shadowblade sword. This means melee and the Shadow Warrior can hit with almost no mitigation on medium or lightly armored tagets (like DOKS!!!??)

So there you have it Fight on the Flag.


  1. Yeah, SW's are only underpowered when played by unskilled players. Put one in the right hands and it's stupid deadly. I have one that I spec'd entirely for melee and he rocks very hard.

    p.s. Welcome to blogging! I made a spot for ya on my sidebar. =D

  2. awesomeness~
    I just started a SW on Gorfang too, after several months of enjoying my Sword Master till rr61 and realised that sadly, my SM is of very little use to my group compared to Knights.
    I am just rr17 now but looking at the career builds I do see some very nasty combos for high dps burst either close up or ranged.
    What is the 5-sec KD though? I use Takedown now with Vengeful for a 3-sec KD.

    *hoping to be of more group-useful than my SM~*